A + 34 days

Well, I guess we can’t be going “home” when we’re hauling our home with us. But we are headed back to our last port’o’call.

Where: Kingsburg, CA

Why: To deliver college daughter to her mother’s house for the summer. It will be her first trip home since we sold her home out from under her! I’m sure it will be weird for her.

It might even be weird for us. I found myself thinking (for all of a second) that we could do laundry when we got home. Nope!

Today we are on a marathon drive straight through from Tuscon AZ to Kingsburg CA. If we stop for dinner, we should be there before midnight. That’s about 13 hours of driving!

Loaded like Beverly hillbilliesWe’re looking a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies going down the road with the dorm Fridge and microwave and a large plastic container strapped onto the rack on the back of the Jeep. Inside the jeep is stuffed with more containers, and bags, and the inside the motorhome, there is stuff piled everywhere. It’s amazing how much stuff fit into her tiny dorm room!

We were hoping to break up the trip into a couple of days, but we’re bringing home The Boyfriend (Travis) as well and he as to be at work tomorrow morning. So drive on we will!

This return-to-home-turf trip will be longer than the last one as we’re staying in the area until Tom’s older daughter’s wedding on May 20th. So that’s about two weeks we’ll need to find a place to stay. When we were there last we did a recon trip to a campground about forty minutes away by Lake Kaweah, so that’s where we plan on spending some of that time.

day trip to three rivers slick rock
day trip to three rivers slick rock

Plus while we’re back in the area we’ll have to get up to see the grandson again, so I put a request in for their time next week. But we have to get back to Kingsburg in time to help with the wedding set up. So it should be a full couple of weeks.

Tom is driving the full thirteen hour trip this time. I offered to take a turn (I don’t mind on the less crowded Arizona freeways), but Tom has decided he needs to ask less of me. Whatever – works for me!

We had a great time in Arizona taking twelve days to get from hometown to Tuscon. We went through the Northeast Hopi and Navajo Reservations,

driving Hopi Reservation
driving Hopi Reservation

and then down to the Southern part of the state through Tombstone and Bisbee.

tour of tombstone
Reenactment of Shootout at OK Corral
tombstone tour
Surrey with the Fringe on Top
tombstone tour
A cold one at Big Nose Kate’s Bar
Bisbee Tour
Old Mining Town of Bisbee

But the time went by in a blink of an eye and we’re not exactly excited to be headed back to our starting point so soon.

Although we look forward to family events and visiting, we are still itching to get a little further away. Into some new territory. Even though we explored new areas in Arizona, mentioned above, it was too short a time to feel like we were on our “big trip” of full timing. Perhaps I’m just looking at it the wrong way. After all, every day with Tom is a new adventure, no matter where we’re at!

Happy Travels.

Peace & Love, Joy