T – 1 day!

Hell week is over! Whew.

We got home from Escapade on Saturday night, just in time to go to a neighboring town to watch my son race.IMG_4190

Then Sunday morning we were up and at it getting the house cleared out. We started off posting the stuff we had left for sale and then back to the never ending sorting and packing.

Monday we made phone calls to the utility companies and got our insurance switched around. (and sorted and packed).

Tuesday we moved all our clothes and food into the motorhome and got it all organized and put away. Then back into the house for more…you guessed it sorting and packing – or more like piling at this point.

Wednesday we did our FINAL yard work (yea!) and carted more stuff from the house into the motorhome.

Thursday we finished copying our CD’s to MP3’s and sorted through our DVD’s. Then we started breaking down the temporary office we had moved to the empty dining room after the office furniture sold.

Friday we hauled a trailer load of stuff like pictures to our storage and went to sign selling paperwork.

Then we had a nice break and went to Tom’s Retirement Party. Thank you David & Lety!

Toms Retirement party
Toms Retirement party
Toms Retirement party
Toms Retirement party

Saturday it was up early for furniture moving day. Special shout out to Robert for his help!!

Sunday was cleaning day then another nice break when friends invited us out for Chinese food. My fortune cookie was very appropriate: “You will have a happy adventure soon”.

And here we are on Monday. The old home is empty and clean and the new home is not clean and full of stuff needing to find a spot. But we made our deadline!

That was an extremely brief summary of all we did this week. It was rough, physically and emotionally. And around mid-week I wasn’t sure we’d get everything done in time. It was very stressful and we had a couple of mini melt downs. But it’s all looking very good now and we are SO ready to get this adventure started!

Today we are taking a few more odds and ends to storage and then leaving the trailer there as well. (Another big shout out to my son, who’s letting us have some space on his property.)

storage container
storage container

Then we have the walk through with the new owners, hopefully we’ll pick up our check today, and then out to dinner again with my folks and my son and his fiance’ before heading up to see my daughter and her family Tuesday morning.

At this point, that is what I’m most excited about: Seeing the grandbaby! It’s been a whole month since we’ve seen him and so many changes; starting on food and getting his first tooth. I can’t wait to cuddle and play!

The reality is also starting to set in. Now that the chaos of downsizing is (mostly) over, we can start looking ahead to where we’re heading. What? We have to make plans? Yikes!

Happy Travels!

Peace & Love, Joy

Update: Tuesday morning we’re still parked in the driveway anxiously waiting for the close of escrow. (Do these things ever go as planned?) The new buyers were quite upset at the delay – it’s a 3 way deal and their buyers hadn’t got their funding in yet. We’re not happy about it, but we’re still at home and not living out of boxes! So hurray for the vagabond lifestyle – quite adaptive!

Yesterday I had a chance to get the bathroom things organized and put away while Tom did our first laundry run. Yuck! It cost $10 – for one week of laundry! We’ll have to do something about that somehow. But he said the dryer was really fast (ours took forever). Being here one more day (hopefully just one!) gives us a chance to get those last odds and ends sorted and put in place. Because now it’s imperative that we have a place for everything and everything in its place!