Today was great. Very relaxing and productive at the same time.

IMG_8158.jpgWe had a great time at our fee campsite just forty minutes away from Petrified Forest. It was a beautiful spot by a lake and we had the place all to ourselves.

But it was very cold and we were heading South to get warm! Plus, we’d been dry camping (no hook-ups/off grid) for seven straight nights. It was time to plug in.

So we found a campground between where we were and where we were going – Tuscon to get a new spare for the Jeep. Turns out we had another SNAFU en route: the steering on the Jeep locked up and the front tires weren’t turning with the motorhome, so we ruined ANOTHER new Jeep tire. Cha-ching, cha-ching, make that TWO tires in Tuscon.

Our camp spot for the next TWO nights was in Winkelman, AZ, which is a working mining town but the town itself is all but a ghost town. Turns out the workers would rather drive an hour each way than live in the little town, so about the only thing left is the post office and the original grocery store that has been continually operated by the same family for four generations.

palo verde rv overviewPalo Verde RV Park, just outside town, was small and not very shady, but the spaces were large and neat and clean and the owners, Tom and Rose, were wonderful. We had a great spot on the end of the row and our neighbor to the other side was working at the mine all day. So it felt pretty private.

There isn’t much to do around here, which is fine because we can’t go Jeeping with the bad tire, so it was time to get to business. Sunday on the way here, we re-stocked our groceries in Show Low – the largest town on our route. Then we got the rig set up, did some visiting, and I worked on video editing while Tom got caught up on social media.

But today! Today we got up and went for a hike on the nearby hills. When we got back I took a FULL shower (not having to stop and start the water to conserve) and it was glorious. Then I proceeded to tidy up my nails, do hair removal, etc. Then it was cleaning time for the house!

After eight days of windstorms and sleet, the RV was a mess – inside and out. So Tom cleaned outside and I cleaned inside. It’s so nice to be looking through clean windows again! Actually, they look better than they have in a while because I figured out how to clean the screens and I have a magic purple window cleaning cloth by Norwex.Palo Verde RV Park in Winkelman, AZ

When it got so hot we had to turn on the AC, I paid bills, balanced our accounts, checked our budget, and set up a mail delivery.

So all in all, it felt like a “normal” weekend of chores around home. Tomorrow we head to Tuscon – less than two hours to the tire shop and to see college daughter, Jessica, maybe take her out to eat.

Oh, and we still need to find a laundromat!

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy