We can’t believe it’s been five months since we sold the home and took off for this lifetime adventure. Just goes to show the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” is so true.

Here are the stats for this past month:

Miles traveled in RV: 2,523

Miles driven in Jeep: 2,527

Number of different campsites: 12 – Mostly California, then Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

preston Idaho RV park

In August we continued to spend the first part of the month in California for family events. In the middle of the month we did a marathon drive to Tuscon, and then got north as quick as we could to escape the heat. So even though we’re trying to slow our pace, we did a lot of traveling in the last half of the month.

With each month I think we’re getting more comfortable with the unknown side of this full time travel. Tom does a good job of planning ahead, but we’re staying flexible and going with the flow – as we had to do when a campsite didn’t pan out and when we had to wait for RV repairs.

We continue to get more comfortable about hiking. At least I do. In the past I would have never taken off on a five or six mile hike. Now that seems rather easy – as long as it’s not too hot!

hiking Tokopah Falls Waterfall trail

We continue to adjust to our relationship in confinement. But I think all relationships are always a work in progress.

Most importantly, we continue to have fun. There has never been one second of regret, and I doubt there will be later on.

Someone asked what an average day is like for us and I don’t feel we adequately answered, so I’ll do that now:

We’re surprised at how late we sleep. I’d say we’ve been waking up at 7 or  even 7:30. Sometimes we get up together, sometimes one of us is a little earlier.

We sit about a bit planning our day – or sometimes getting ready for it with a picnic lunch. If we have internet connection, we sit around longer – catching up on Facebook or researching our next stay or activity. Sometimes one of us will cook breakfast – usually me.

Shower taking is no longer a regular event. Sometimes it’s morning, sometimes it’s night. Sometimes not even every day. That’s something that would have grossed me out before, but it seems normal now to skip a daily shower when we’re dry camping. Even when we have hookups I’m finding I spend less time wasting water. I’d spend twenty minutes in the shower every morning when we had a house. Also, hair and makeup is something I spend MUCH less time on now as well.

We generally take off each day – either on a driving or walking adventure, usually both – and get back to the RV in the evenings. We like to explore, so we’ll take in museums, or walk around a historic town, or check out a fort or a lighthouse. That type of thing. We look for area trails before we leave that we can hike. Sometimes we just come upon something as we’re driving.

Some days it’s just chores, like cleaning, doing laundry, or grocery shopping. I try to save cleaning for when we have water hookups. Sometimes we split the chores, sometimes we do them together – usually when we have to drive to a laundromat or grocery store we’ll both go. Sometimes these chores are our big adventure for the day!


We generally have an unwritten rule that we never turn on the TV during the day, but it has happened. Not often, usually if the weather’s really bad (which it hasn’t been much – lucky us!) or if we’re following weather news.

Sometimes we have no TV or internet, so at night we’ll read or play Yahtzee or watch a DVD movie. Sometimes, when we have cable hookup or good internet, we’ll veg out and serial watch a show or catch up on our Youtube favorites.

We don’t always eat three regular meals a day, but once in a while I’ll cook all three. Usually we’re out and about midday, so if I haven’t packed a lunch or snack, we’ll find a place for a late lunch or early dinner. Once in a while Tom cooks. Planning meals is not my favorite thing, but we try not to eat out that much because of costs.

Then there are travel days. Normally It’s from one to four hours, but we like to keep it around two. By agreement, Tom does all the driving. Once we get in and set up, we usually take off – either by foot around the campground, or by Jeep around the area.

We are usually together 24/7, but as I write this Tom is checking out a local farmer’s market while I catch up on blogging. I do better with “down time” than Tom does, but this was true even when we lived in a regular house.

I find it hard to make the time to get computer work done. Whether it’s blogging or video editing or keeping up with everyone on Facebook. I even have paid work that needs to be done, but can only be on nights or weekends. There’s no immediate deadline, so unfortunately I put it off. Then when I find the time (as I have at this moment) we don’t have adequate internet. So this is a balance that we need to find. But it’s hard to sit at a desk when there is so much to see and do! I also find it hard to focus on work after a busy day or while Tom’s watching something fun someone posted on Facebook. But I’ll get it done.

Our days end when one (or both!) of us falls asleep while reading or watching TV. We get up, go to bed, and do it all again!

Do you find it as hard to believe (as we did) that our days can be so full and busy without working nine-to-five?

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy