It’s hard to believe we’ve been on the road for half a year already. It seems like we just left.

In the beginning, when we first had the idea, I thought we’d have time to see the whole country in six to nine months. Now I know better! We have only had our motorhome in 10 of the 49 states possible. And we haven’t even explored them fully.

For those of you interested, here’s the breakdown:

We traveled 22,686 miles: 13,401 in the motorhome and 9,285 in the Jeep. Our total fuel costs (gas and diesel) averaged $70 per day. Which is approximately 27 cents per mile in the motorhome and19 cents per mile in the Jeep. Yes, our Jeep is a gas guzzler!

We spent:

83 nights in California,

24 nights in Arizona,

08 nights in Nevada,

03 nights in Utah,

04 nights in Colorado,

03 nights in Nebraska

13 nights in South Dakota,

02 nights in Wyoming,

05 nights in Idaho, and

33 nights in Oregon.

Our six month average cost per night of camping was $16.32.

Our average traveling miles in the RV was 167 per day we traveled.

The average number of nights we stayed in one spot was only 2.

We spent:

13 nights in driveways of relatives

12 nights in parking lots or casinos

03 nights in truck or rest stops

09 nights in County fairgrounds

34 nights in City or State Parks or Recreation Areas

30 nights in National Forests or Corps of Engineers

14 nights in BLM  land (Bureau of Land Management)

62 nights in RV parks

We have spent $5,033 in repair and maintenance costs for the motorhome and Jeep. Yikes!That’s after we hit the road – not in preparation.

We have spent $230 in doing laundry. That’s an average of $9 per week. That is a cost we did not have before!

However, we have not dropped a dime in gardening costs or pool maintenance!. Not one penny for utilities like gas and electric or water and trash. No housekeeping costs, no storage fees, no mortgage payments. It’s very freeing to think about all of the expenses that we no longer have.

tom mowing lawn last time

We have spent more time star gazing, talking around campfires, learning about our country’s history, playing games, and hiking than we EVER did before.

We have seen more types of trees and flowers and rocks and landscapes than we could imagine. We have seen such a variety of wildlife – in the wild – that we’ll probably never visit a zoo again.

We have made new friends and added items to our bucket list. We are far from done!

My only hope is that the next six months doesn’t go by so quickly!

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy