Well, we survived the holidays! Our first as a houseless couple. It went well, starting with a “Thanksmas” holiday spent at my daughter’s house.

They invited us to park in their driveway again, but since we were only going to be there two or three nights, we opted to stay at a nearby reservoir for $15 a night for full hookups. We were surprised to realize that It was the first time we’d been plugged in for well over two months!  The first thing Tom did was turn on all the lights in the RV and plug in the electric heater. And of course we enjoyed long, regular showers…although it always feels like we are wasting water now when we leave the shower head running the whole time!

We were able to enjoy our grandson for a few days, I was able to cook in Kendall’s kitchen all day, and the best part was being able to share a turkey and their holiday gift exchange with my kids, their spouses, and their uncle and cousins. Really great. I hope it becomes a new tradition.

After that, we moved on to my son’s house where we parked in his driveway for a couple of nights and his new bride cooked us delicious meals and deserts while we were there.

Then back to work for a few days for me to work on some year-end accounting, then all of a sudden it was Christmas, and we were able to spend time with Tom’s girls and the new in-laws on that side.

We also fit time in to visit with each of my parents while we were in the valley. The time went by so quickly! The day after Christmas, we picked up our RZR and headed right back to the desert to spend time camped with our friends again.IMG_6369

Then my kids came down to join us for desert riding and a stellar New Year’s celebration. Happy 2018! It couldn’t have started better.IMG_3172

new years desertThen it was back to the valley to pick up our Jeep and spend a few more nights visiting with friends and family. I went back to work for a couple of days (and very late nights!) while Tom readied the Jeep and the RV for our next big adventure. Which starts today!

We are finally starting on our long anticipated trip across the country to the east coast. Appropriately, today is also our nine month anniversary of becoming full timers. We feel like we’re really starting our adventuring now. No more obligations or commitments keeping us near California.

Okay, so we’re not being all that adventurous just yet. First we’ll spend a month or more in Arizona meeting up at “The Gathering” in familiar Quartzsite, then stopping by to see college daughter in Tuscon. Hopefully, that will give the southeast time to thaw out before we start that direction!

We haven’t really mapped out our trip yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing more of New Mexico, and Oklahoma and Texas for the first time. Then we hope to be at my brother’s place in Arkansas around April.

Then I’m over the top excited to drop down to Louisiana, and cross the mighty Mississippi. Tom thinks I will hate the bugs and humidity of the deep south, but I can’t wait to be in the bayou, swamps, and mangroves. So many movie scenes and song lyrics come to mind!

Whatever we see, it will all be new territory for us, and that makes 2018 sound like a grand adventure.

Our plan is to take our time, and head north for the summer and make a grand loop back to the west coast. The possibilities are endless, so that’s exciting as well.

The only downside is the length of time we’ll be away from family.

Thank goodness for technology and face-time and Skype. The thing that makes being away from our families (and grandkids) for so long palatable is the fact that we can always jump on a plane.

And we can keep our fingers crossed that they may travel to vacation with us at some point. It could happen!

While we have a general plan for 2018, the future remains unknown – as always! That’s what makes it so exciting. Who knows what adventures await? And we always keep in mind that life is about the journey, not the destination.

So, happy journeys to all in this brand new year!

Peace & Love, Joy