As I write this, we are crossing state borders into California. Tom is not a happy camper. Bad roads and gas prices and speed limits are enough to make any RVer unhappy about California. But the best thing about RVing is the ability to be flexible and change plans at a moment’s notice. Which is what we’ve been doing. A lot lately it seems.

This trio of pictures doesn’t show it real well, but as we descended from Tehachapi pass, we went from nice blue skies, down into the smog of the central valley.

For anyone who follows this blog regularly, you may have wondered what happened to us. It’s been a while since I posted and we’ve spent time in several states since then. This blogs tends to be on a two or three week lag time anyway, but I’ve fallen off my schedule. Yes, I’m laughing at the word schedule, because I have never had one – just posted randomly when time permitted. But I’ve tried to never get this far behind.

So I thought I’d get this current up-to-date where-we-are-right-now article posted, and then go back and fill in the gaps as time permits. Here goes:

WHAT we’re up to:

Driving the 1900 (and change) mile long, 30 hour trek from  Minnesota to California. That’s going through eight states in four long days and spending oodles on fuel.

We went from the midwest with nothing but green outside the window driving by…
…To  the dry browns of the desert southwest (this window shot is going through Tehachapi).

WHO we’re seeing:

We’re on our way to my old home town (Tulare, CA) for my dad’s funeral. I know. Not the happiest of occasions, although I do look forward to seeing all our family members and friends. And this will be the first time Tom’s seen our grandkids since 2017. So there’s the silver linings. Another bonus was full-timer friends we met up with for a brief overnight stay along our route, proving that even a 14 hour day on the road can have a happy ending.

IMG_2589 2
It was wonderful to re-connect with Mark & Patsi – although all too brief.

WHY we’re driving:

After just paying $250 to fill our tank before leaving the Nevada border, Tom started to wonder why we didn’t just leave the RV and fly out. The cost of flights, a rental car and hotel rooms probably wouldn’t  have been much more. Especially when you consider the wear and tear on the motorhome. But bringing our home with us gives us more flexibility in how long we’re able to stay. And more comfort in having our own bed. And having our kitchen so we don’t have to eat out every day. Although while traveling, I haven’t cooked once!

WHEN we’re leaving:

We’ll be near Tulare for a week, then up to my daughter’s for a few days with the grandson, then back to Kingsburg area for a few days so Tom can spend his birthday with his girls (he really missed being with them last year).

WHERE we’re going next:

That’s the million dollar question. We have pre-paid commitments to events in Arkansa and Texas in September and October. So we kind of have to turn around and go back east. Plus, now that we have a job, we have to follow where that leads, and there are too many variables at this point. (I’ll do a separate article on our new job later.) So we’re trying to re-think our options. Selling our tickets and staying out west is an option . . except for that Cali thing. Tom can’t wait to get back out of the state. And this is not the right time of year to be in the southwest.IMG_5308

That sums up the big five W’s of our life right now. What happens next is yet to be seen.

We have a list of RV home maintenance items to tackle, but I doubt this is the time to worry about those. We have two or three businesses that need our attention, so that will have to be worked in. And of course, I need to fill in the blanks on this blog. So a pretty full schedule for us no-longer-full-time-vacationers!

Below are some pics from our trek west. Top left is our first view of real mountains since March (from Denver to the Rockies). Top right is the only time we stopped to take in the scenery (in Utah). It reminded us that we love the beauty of the desert. And on the bottom is a partial rainbow over Las Vegas as we whizzed by.

And the sunrise picture at the top was taken out the window in Nebraska – first time we’ve seen the sun come up in a while! Here are a couple more random pics:

Gotta love the herd mentality of truckers. Out of dozens of places to park, he buddied up with us.
Outside a casino in Nevada, we got permission to park WAY in the back. But truckers were already filling up this large lot with about ten signs posted saying no truck parking.

And here is just one more set – not only did Whiskey Pete’s Casino have the authentic Bonnie & Clyde car with the bullet holes, but they also had the authentic shirt with bullet holes that Clyde was wearing when they shot him up. Weird stuff you find along the way.

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy