Sometimes it’s nice to return to an area you’ve already been. It’s familiar and there’s less stress trying to find camping because you already know what to expect. So it was exciting to be returning to one of our favorite finds: Sacramento Pass BLM Campground in Baker, Nevada.

While it was nearly full last time we were through here, we almost had the place to ourselves this time. We had climbed back up to 7000 ft elevation, so we were cool and didn’t need hookups – plus it’s not far from Great Basin National Park – one of my surprise favorites of the National parks. We were here last in May of 2017 – here is the blog for that visit 

As I said at the end of that blog, this was a park I wanted to see again at a different time of year, so even though we only had a day to explore, I was happy that we were able to access the trails up to the ancient Bristlecone Pines this time. On our last visit the Aspen trees were bare and the mountains covered in snow. This time there was still snow on the ground in spots, but we were able to hike in shorts.

Even though rain was threatening, the hike was beautiful and we saw many deer:

We passed many beautiful brooks and multiple pristine lakes.

This aqua blue one is called Teresa Lake and is at an elevation of 10,230 ft.

As a tree lover, seeing all the massive pines was a treat.

At the top of our hike were the strange and twisted bristlecone pines – many of them estimated to be over 3,000 years old. Even the dead ones have stood for hundreds of years.

The weather was stormy but luckily the rain held off until we were on our way down Wheeler Mountain.

When we got back to camp I remembered that cell service at that campground was pretty nonexistent. I guess because of my business I rely on internet now more than two years ago! We decided to head on to Ely, Nevada and found great internet in a parking lot that allowed overnight camping.

Ely is an interesting little town but after a regretful dinner out (worst food ever!) we turned in early.

Always on the lookout for local events, we ended up attending a pow-wow while we were there.

We participated in a group prayer for the missing and murdered indigenous women in the area. Pretty powerful.

We left that afternoon, heading west to the California border. Destination: Mammoth Lakes, California.

Happy Travels!

Peace & Love, Joy