We are leaving Pismo Beach at the perfect time – this was our first morning that was overcast and damp. It’s always easier to leave a beautiful spot when the weather isn’t so beautiful. Other than this morning, the weather has been truly perfect. We walked for miles on the beach almost every morning. Sunny and warm but not hot. Which is why I would vote for the Central California Coast as best weather anywhere!

We started our 10 day stay here inland at the Elk’s lodge in San Luis Obispo where we stayed for three nights waiting for a spot to open on the coast. It was pretty warm – in the mid eighties – which was quite a relief from the hundred-plus-degree weather we left in the valley. So we didn’t stay inside much. We drove to some beaches, and attended the famous SLO Thursday Night Farmers Market  – which surprisingly was a first for me. There were a lot of people and a lot of entertainment – it was fun.

I was eager to do one of my favorite things: beachcombing. I was running low on fairy gifts – little trinkets from nature that go with the fairies to their new homes. So we made a special trip to Cambria’s Moonstone Beach where I enjoyed picking through the beautiful beach rocks while Tom spent the time putting balance back into the Universe.

Then on Sunday we moved to the Elk’s in Oceano. I have done other blogs on our stays, in fact, we were there just here a year ago.

Besides Cambria, we went to all our familiar beach towns while there.

Elephant Seal Beach – this is a slow time of year for the seals and there was not much action going on.

This was the fewest amount of animals that we’ve seen on the beach here, so perhaps they’ve found a new rookery.

Shell Beach -which used to be my favorite because of the interesting things to find while beach-combing, but which now only has dull colored gravel.

It was fun to watch all the pelicans there though.

Cayucos – where we spotted many whales from the pier there – just like last year. Must be migration season. Too bad they don’t show up on our pictures. We also spied a shipwreck and then stopped for a drink at our favorite bar there.

Oceano – where we stayed is within a couple of blocks of the beach. From there it was just two and a half miles along the water’s edge to get to the pier and downtown Pismo. From the pier, we watched many surfers and saw beautiful sunsets.

Arroyo Grande – where I ran into a high school friend while shopping at Walmart. Great visiting with you Kay!

Pismo Beach – where we ate clam chowder and fish and chips at our favorite places. The pier was re-opened and we did some great whale watching there as well.

Avila Beach – where we met up with fellow RVer Pam Santana from Santana RVing. She was in Santa Maria visiting with her mother and they drove up to have lunch with us and so Pam could get her feet back in the Pacific ocean.

Morro Strand Beach – where we did miles of beach combing again. This beach was full of sand dollars and Sandpipers.

Morro Bay – while driving through we accidentally found out they were having a Avacado and Margarita Street Festival, so we made plans to some back the following day to attend. We arrived fairly early before the lines got incredibly long. We had a nice time and ran into someone we knew from the store which was fun. (Hi Laura!) They also had bands throughout the day.

It’s always fun to connect with our old friends when we’re at the coast, though this time our timing was off. Our Tulare friends were here the week before, and Tom’s old work buddy was in the valley as well. Although he made it back before we left so Tom had a great day visiting with him while I got ready for our move.

Tom’s former boss, Richard and his wife Carol.

Now we are headed down to a real J-O-B. I have to admit I have a little trepidation. It’s been years since we kept any type of regular hours and we’ll be working seven days a week for the next 6 weeks. We’ll be working at a pumpkin patch in San Diego. We gladly took the job because 1) hello, it’s San Diego, 2) we’ll be working for our good friends Ted and Jan, 3) it’s only a six week commitment, and 4) we get paid!

We don’t know what to expect, but I doubt we’ll have time for any other projects, so I was trying to get caught up on my never ending “jobs” of catching up on this blog and marketing for the fairies. Hopefully we’ll get to enjoy San Diego a bit before leaving.

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy