We left the pumpkin patch and all the stresses of a j.o.b. and moved a couple of miles away to get some needed R&R. We paid (for the first time in a while) to have full hookups at the Elk’s Lodge in Chula Vista.

The weather was perfect enough that we could have gotten by without a power hookup, but it was nice to have plenty of water so we could give the rig a much needed cleaning inside. Which we waited until the last possible minute to do!

It just goes to show what a temperate climate we’ve been in when there is a potted pineapple growing on the Lodge’s patio in November!

Our first day there was filled with me fulfilling orders. I had to get all my fairy stuff re-organized and learn some new software that had been updated. There were fairies flying all over the place until I finally got them boxed up and my messes put away. 

A stack of orders to be mailed on November 2nd – clearly Christmas shopping is underway!

The next day we got down to fun. In looking up things to do in the area, I found a Renaissance Faire going on in Escondido so we went on a recon visit – selling fairies again at ren-faires has been on the list of possible future jobs.

This booth had a charming fairy village set up (bottom right corner).

After that, we – I mean I – was on a mission to see all the local beaches. We went to Carlsbad, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, and Pacific Beach. And went out on every pier we found. We never made it out to Coronado Island though.

In our short time there, we enjoyed lots of ocean sunsets and beach-front dining.

Now that’s a LOT of nachos – but look how happy Tom is!
This interesting pier in Pacific Beach is actually Crystal Pier Hotel – with cottages right over the water!

Going to Balboa Park was a must see for me, although we decided not to spend the bucks going into all the museums.

We enjoyed the great architecture and we (I) definitely enjoyed the free Botanical Building:

We did pony up for the Japanese Friendship Gardens and I found it well worth it, especially seeing the Bonsai Garden!

Plus, it was a business write off as well, as I needed good backdrops for fairy door pictures!

On our final day in a retail mecca, we visited a big box store and spent some of our newly earned money on a new camera.

We didn’t buy a Canon, but I was impressed by their display which made it nice for focus testing.

Well, it was only five nights, but it was a nice respite. Now we are heading to meet up with friends before going out to the desert for a Thanksgiving meetup.

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy