Since mid-September, we’ve only traveled 121 miles in the motor home – which averages to just over a mile a day. I’m sure that must be some kind of record for us. We stayed put the month of August to help care for the grandkids. Then for six weeks we stayed put to work at the Pumpkin Patch. But we haven’t had to go far since then to meet up with a lot of friends, new and old.

While visiting with another full-timer recently, we remarked at how many miles they’ve put on since starting the nomadic lifestyle. Their remark was “We started this to TRAVEL,” Duh! It made me think that we’ve been a little too sedentary lately, but there is a time for everything and right now we’re enjoying time with friends.

We have been with so many friends lately that it’s sad to leave the gathering that it still staying at Truckhaven. While a few rigs moved on after Thanksgiving, there were still three rigs staying as we drove off. Luckily, one couple is coming with, so we’ll still have plenty of happy hours and game nights.

Still, after twenty-six nights in the same spot, it will be nice to have a change of view. Although I doubt where we’re going will compare to our view that we’ve had at our hilltop spot.

We’ve fallen into such a relaxed pace that it hardly feels like we’re travelers anymore. We haven’t been to a museum in months. Or anywhere new for that matter. We’ve been in our ex-home state of California since the last part of July.

After pulling up the blog recently, I see that July is the last time I’ve posted – Fourth of July in Colorado. While I’ve continued to write these blogs – or journals – since then, I haven’t carved out the time to collect the pictures that go with them and get them proofed and posted. Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the bother. Especially now that we’re slowed down and not discovering new places.

But I’ve decided that I’m not going to give up on the blog because I enjoy having a record of where we’ve been and what we’ve done – even when it’s not all that exciting. And if you’ve been following along with our lives, then God Bless You!

Since it has been six months* since I’ve posted, I imagine catching up will take some time, so I’ve decided to try to keep it current and fill in the missed dates as I find time. Which is kind of funny as I say it, because that’s what we have the most of now – time. Yet it seems to go by as fast as ever. (*this is actually “going to press” in May of 2021 – what a gap!)

December has crept up on us and the new year is just around the corner. Just as I think we have a solid plan for where we’ll be in the next few months, it changes. Such is the life of a nomad.

The words of our friend are still ringing in my ears; “We started this to TRAVEL,” and I’m looking forward to a new year with new scenery.

Bur for now, here I am, finishing this article that was started as we hit the road to move an hour away to our new location – here at Pilot Knob across the highway from Felicity, California. Not even far enough away for me to get a blog written! We have spent two weeks here with a view of Mexico out our window. And some spectacular sunsets:

We have spent the time taking care of things like getting dental work done in Los Algodones, Mexico, and exploring the area with our friends, Mark and Patsi. 

Here is a view of our campsite from a hike to the top of the nearby mountains.
Rock hunting is great in this area – they are all laid out for us!

Oh! And we’ve been trying out our new electric bikes!  Yes, we were hooked after renting them at Borrego Springs, and Tom found a killer black-Friday deal. So we had them shipped to Yuma and Tom assembled them here at our campsite. Merry Christmas to us!

Mark & Patsi already had bikes, so it was fun to join them on rides.

Tom went down in a patch of slick mud while trying to find a shortcut!

We rode along the border at the  Colorado  River and over to the neighboring casino. It was great fun.

Now we are planning our next move – into Yuma, Arizona for Christmas. Another short road trip, only fifteen miles away – but at least we’ll be changing states!

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy