We have left the gathering place of Quartzsite and heading back to California’s coast. Yes, that’s a surprise to us as well! But I’m really looking forward to misty morning fog, long walks in the sand and getting my feet back into the Pacific.

We figured we have been in desert areas for the past three months and my hair and skin are showing it! But we’ve had a great time and have been with friends for ALL of those three months!

When I flew back from Grandma duties in California, Tom had already moved from Lake Havasu to south of Quartzsite. He had to drive two-and-a-half hours from there to Mesa to pick me up at the airport. Since we were in the area, we stopped to look at an RV lot near Phoenix that had a rig I was interested in seeing. Nothing came of it, we were just tire-kicking, but it was a nice break in the drive for Tom.

I was exhausted when we got back to camp, but it was great to see some of the friends I had missed seeing at the Bash. Unfortunately, everyone scattered after the bash and we were down to three rigs in our immediate camp.

Tom and I went into the big tent (RV Vendor show) and saw all kinds of friends from the Bash there. We picked up a lot of brochures for free or discounted resort stays and some workamping info for the future. We looky-lou’d at some more RVs there and got out of the big tent without hardly spending any money for a change. We had to get the bloody mary mix, and got re-fills of my MSM gel, but that was about it. The longer we’re on the road, the less we need, but the big tent used to be quite costly when we first went there!

Because I didn’t get any work accomplished while I was babysitting in California, I spent the majority of the past two weeks inside in front of the computer. In fact, Tom and I both spent two ENTIRE days trying to get my Quickbooks to work. Windows decides to upgrade their operating systems and suddenly nothing works right anymore.

In addition to getting some serious work done, it was time to finally remove the wallpaper from the bedroom – something that Tom was more-than-ready for me to complete.

So, it was a road-trip into Yuma to get paint. A good excuse for us girls to have lunch together.

Our group also went into Quartzsite for a nice dinner at Silly Al’s Pizza:

But mostly we hung out around camp. Enjoying the sunshine, scenery, and spectacular sunsets,

having fun campfires,

and playing with musical instruments and being silly.

In addition to some great daily meditations, we took a lot of walks and bike rides. We also checked out a gathering of Ham-Radio operators that were convened nearby. They were easy to spot because of the massive antennas they had erected. I told Tom, “Now there’s a group of people we need to make friends with.” (if an EMP ever hits, we’ll wish we did)

One day we all rode bikes to an “event” at a nearby RV park in LaPaz Valley. We had seen the signs on the side of the road and thought “why not?”. Turns out we heard some good music and enjoyed visiting with the regulars at Murphys Music Barn (someone’s converted shed).

All in all it was a relaxing and fun time with great people. We were sad when everyone went their separate ways.

Except for Mark & Patsi, who will be traveling with us as we RETURN to California to spend the month of February at the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Good times ahead!

For the first time since we hit the road, we have the next six months all planned out ahead – we’ve made reservations and deposits and everything!

For now, just a short blog to fill in the gaps, as we leave the open desert and return to civilization. Here is a view from the casino in Indio where we overnighted:

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy