Disclaimer: These are Joy’s opinions only – not those of Rightlaners’ or Tom’s.

There was a great (in my humble opinion) show on a few years back called “Fringe” and it was an “out-there” show reminiscent of “The X Files”. So the word fringe, to me, means out-there.

As in the people on the fringe of society – those out there not living the “normal” life. Like RV nomads. We, as a group, do not fall into the “American Dream” vision of thirty-year mortgages and white picket fences. Sure, we RVers cover the whole spectrum of religious and political viewpoints. But if I had to pick a few words that would cover every full time RVer that I know, it would include; adventurous, self-reliant, and willing to “buck the system” of a conventional lifestyle, i.e. a location-dependent sticks and bricks.

Although I hate labeling, I am proud to be part of an adventurous, self-reliant and unconventional movement. And I would like to think that I, personally, have always been independent, adventurous, and unconventional. My poor kids!

I am extremely proud of my two children and I’m sure they love me almost as much as I love them, even though I’m sure they’ve thought of me – at times anyway – as kooky. Maybe I’ve given them reason. It wasn’t until after the divorce that their father realized I might just be smart. And I probably gave him reason to think otherwise as well. I’ve certainly had my share of “blonde moments”.

Then there’s the store that Tom and I had. That had many of my friends questioning my sanity. Or at least thinking we were kooky or some kind of out-there “woo-woo”’s. Even our going full-time had some people scratching their heads.

Not every RVer gets into it with the same unconventional background that we may have had, but as a group I think we’re uniquely qualified to be dealing with some of the current changes to our society. We definitely know how to self-isolate: Tom and I before have spent a month in the desert without having any contact with others. And I think, as a group, that we’re used to uncertain times. Everyone knows that RV plans are “made in Jell-O” because they constantly change. And, as a generality, our incomes don’t depend on going to a place of work – so I imagine that we’re set up to weather the economics more than most. So, I’d like to think that all these social changes haven’t impacted our lives as much.

Except of course for the travel bans. Tom has said from the beginning of our RVing that it’s only a matter of time until public lands (our favorite places to stay) get shut down to us. I’m trying to understand the reasoning for shutting down national and state parks – the places most of us go for our “self-isolation” and “social distancing”. But that lost freedom is not the one I’m concerned with at present.

It is freedom of speech.

I realize that I read and watch a variety of strange subjects. My opinion on many things has changed over the years with the addition of information – kind of like a jigsaw puzzle coming together over time to create a total picture. I don’t expect a lot of people agree with the picture my puzzle pieces have created. But I have been free to create my own thoughts because I have been free to read or watch those strange things and form my own opinions on whether they are true or not.

This freedom CANNOT be taken away from us without creating a future of mind-numbed individuals just surviving from day to day. If you’ve watched the animated movie “Wally” you know what I mean; or Hunger Games or a variety of futuristic or doomsday movies.

With all of the changes going on this year, I have been information hungry. More than usual (and I have actually sat for six hours or more learning about quantum physics and string theory  etc). I like to learn. So I have been learning all I can about the current situation in the world. That has led me down some interesting rabbit holes. Of course, I don’t believe everything I learn, but I appreciate that the information is out there.

I recently finished a book by a notable and scholarly man who tied together a bunch of puzzle pieces after extensive research. It was very provocative and I am still researching some of the many links he cited. I was saddened and somewhat alarmed to read that he had to write it out of the country because of the interference he was getting by people who would have preferred the puzzle pieces remain scattered.

I am currently reading a book about deceit, full of actual names of political figures. The authors were able to self-publish but were in fear of their lives. Sadly, I learned of the death of one of them.

Yesterday, I heard about a live youtube interview that went viral. I have in the past watched both the interviewer and the interviewee and found them both to be interesting and enlightening, so I was eager to watch the recording. Youtube took it down. I found a Vimeo copy of it and today learned that it’s been recently removed as well.

If you don’t agree with me on anything – including the color of the sky – please agree with this: We cannot stand for censorship of information in this country.

I am only able to write and publish these opinions because of the First Amendment. It goes like this:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

I didn’t realize the 1st Amendment on the Bill of Rights was so far reaching (i.e. more than just freedom of speech/the press) Does that sound like what’s going on today? Been to any peaceable assemblies lately? To Church? Just thinking out loud here.

This is a time like no other when we need access to uncensored information. If you agree with me, please make a comment. Even if you don’t.

Love & Light, Joy