We have been working hard since we moved onto the property, so we were overdue for some time to explore this beautiful area.

Our first sight seeing visit was to beautiful Bandon Beach. Cool and breezy, it was a beautiful day none-the-less, and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many tourists out and about. Tom enjoyed poking around the rock formations and I was impressed with all of the driftwood there. I made a mental note to re-visit often for beach combing.

Our spring traveling companions, Mark and Patsi, had moved their way north of the Arizona heat, and came over to the coast through way of Bend, Oregon. They were spending a few days at Florence before coming here, so one day we drove there where they were having a HUGE sale in the parking lot at the Elk’s. They were practically giving things away, so we picked up a table saw, and some tools, and a bunch of knick-knacks for the fairy garden – including a large mirror that Tom was not too happy to have to strap to the top of the Jeep. But he’s the bomb, so he did! Then we all enjoyed a nice lunch in the cute downtown of Florence.

That weekend, John (Tom’s brother) and Becky brought their motorhome over. We enjoyed a nice night at Coos Bay Speedway, which is pretty close to us.

The next day we all went for a Jeep ride around the bay’s north jetty peninsula and Tom did a great job driving in the soft sand. We were the only ones around.

This areal shot of the entrance to Coos Bay was taken from an article here

Then we finished up with a drive to Bastendorff Beach at the south jetty. We ran over a post stuck in the sand, then got stuck ourselves. We all tried for hours to dig our way out or find a tow. We finally caved and called AAA. We were off road – but only a couple of hundred feet off the blacktop.

That was a $450 dollar mistake and the irony of it is that the tow truck only moved us a foot and then we were fine!  At least it didn’t happen when we were out on the peninsula! Purchasing tire traction mats is definitely in our future.

Shortly after John and Becky moved out, Patsi and Mark moved in. We are so fortunate that we have plenty of hookups and room available to share. Although it is a bit of a nail-biter getting large rigs in and out.

A view looking out from the fairy garden corner.

Mark & Patsi were able to stay with us for three weeks and we had plenty of fun! It was also great weather to get chores done, so while they worked on their rig, we continued with projects and I rarely got the camera out.

I got the mirror installed in the fairy garden, and Patsi gets it! She helped me fix up a wood “sculpture” out of stumps found on the property. Then she helped me with my crazy idea to put in a waterfall. Tom eventually got on board with the idea and helped dig out the water basin.

We had lots of fun just playing on the property. Tom also used his new saw and wood burning skills to make and treat a couple of 4X8 garden boxes.

We had campfires (more like bonfires to burn trash) and played bocci ball and thoroughly enjoyed the weather.

We didn’t stay on the property the whole time. We had a fantastic day hiking from Sunset Beach to Shore Acres.

Even though it began as a foggy day, the ocean views were awesome. And the trail went through some amazing green forests before coming out at the botanical gardens.

We feel so blessed to be living in this area, and it’s even more fun when we’re able to share it with friends. It was a sad day when they pulled out.

Next we will be taking a break from land-ownership and making a nine hour drive (in the Jeep) to my daughter’s house for Carter’s first birthday. It sounds far, but in terms of traveling the USA, we are SO close to our family from here, and we’re grateful for that as well.

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy