In four days we will have been staying put on our property for three whole months. That is a long stretch for us and we have mixed feelings about being stationary. But we are so grateful that we’ve had this place, and so very grateful that we’re not in any fire danger.

We try not to watch the news, but when the air is smoky and the skies are orange, we know we need to tune in to figure out what’s going on. It’s been heartbreaking to see the pictures of the fire devastation in Oregon and California and to know that we have friends who have been directly affected. Each day that we see the wildfire news it’s worse, not better. I hope it turns around soon. I don’t think there’s anyone on earth who isn’t ready for this historically bad year to be over.

Which makes us (me) almost feel guilty for doing so well. We’ve been having a blast.

Our friends Ray and Pam, the Santanas, came to visit us for a week and a half. While we were able to pull our 40′ rig in easily, it’s a different story with a 45′ fifth wheel plus a big pickup truck. Not only was Ray able to make the turn into our lot, but he also got it completely turned around and parked.

Their big rig barely fit on the property, and it was a bit tricky getting them in and out – there were tree branches that had to be cut and the gates had to be taken off the hinges – but we all made it work.

Above is a drone shot that Ray took of our lot – and their tight fit! Theoretically there is still room for another rig.

We wish they had been able to stay longer because we had so much fun. We shared many meals and played games almost every day.

They got some of their RV projects done as well as helping us with one of ours: Ray spent a day helping Tom with septic tank repairs. Digging isn’t a normal exercise for a full time RVer!

We continued to putz around while they were here. Tom had planted our new garden boxes with radishes – the only crop that will grow before we leave the lot. It was exciting to see them come up. And to watch our apple tree produce.

But mostly we played. One day we used our trailer to take their Honda over to the nearby dunes where Ray took us on an exciting ride!

Another day we took a sunset drive to – where else – Sunset Beach! And got some nice photos at Cape Arago:

We love their dogs, Logan and Roxie, so we got our dog fix while they were here.

Then we all got a treat when we went down to the neighbors to play with their ten new lab puppies!

This was the puppies’ first outing!

It was a sad day when they loaded up their Honda and pulled out.

They left last Tuesday to head to California and got stuck on the I-5 because of the fires. Click here to see a short video of their harrowing experience.

The Medford area fires are closest to our area, but we have the coastal range protecting us. Still, the high winds were blowing the smoke our direction and we haven’t seen blue skies since last Tuesday. That makes one whole week out of the last three months that we haven’t had sunshine. We’ve found the weather at our place to be truly remarkable which is a big reason we have been so content to stay here for so long.

But staying home and staying in is another story. I am so ready for a road trip; to get out and explore or hike along the beaches. But the entire coast is blanketed with smoke at this point, and going north or south it would be even worse. There was one day we had some ash and the entire rig smelled like an ashtray. So this is not the type of weather to be outdoors in. And there is literally nowhere in the state that we could drive to to get out of it. So we’re making the best of it and I’m getting caught up on computer work, while Tom is pricing out materials for some projects. And I’m so thankful that we have a safe place to be.

Our future travel plans are still uncertain, although we look forward to meeting up with friends again in Arizona this winter. For now we are just praying that the rain will come and help squelch the fires. And our hearts go out to . . .everyone on Earth.

Safe Travels.

Peace & Love, Joy