Countdown: T(akeoff)-17 days!!

Location: Hwy 99, en route to Tuscon, AZ

Well, I’m finally relaxing. The clutter remaining on my kitchen counter is out of site and out of mind! Have my feet up and my laptop on my lap and Tom’s driving us to Tuscon and there is not one single thing that I should be doing right now. Life is good in this moment, but ‘oi what a week!

Eight days ago we were headed to Sonora for the Celtic Faire – where we sold Fairies and Dragons for 3 days. Then home for some intensive moving day prep before hitting the road again – this time down to Tuscon for the Escapee’s Escapade RV Rally. Had we known we would be smack dab in the middle of getting out of the house, we would have skipped this one, but alas, my crystal ball was a little cloudy. So we’re off to have a nice respite from the never ending sorting, packing, clearing, cleaning.

This week was packed with productivity. In just four days we:

  • Sorted and re-packed all the inventory from the weekend’s faire. Got the bookwork up to date and placed replacement orders.
  • Got the lawn mowed and the laundry caught up – including ironing all of our costume pieces.
  • Sold all the furniture from our house (except for 4 or 5 pieces that we’re putting in storage).
  • Sold the Kia – now officially down to a one car household. Yikes! Tom said this was the first time since he was 18 that he hasn’t owned 2 autos.
  • Tom installed our solar system – and he didn’t even pass out while on the roof in the midday sun on the first (to us) 90 degree day of the year!
  • We both got over being sick from the Sonora weekend. (this bug kicked my butt and I’m still not 100%).
  • Took a trailer load (including all our vendor gear) out to storage and got everything there labeled and organized.
  • Made a small dent in the never ending process of converting CD’s to MP3 files.
  • I went up to Madera and down to Tulare to help tie up loose ends for a couple of QB clients.
  • Moved most of our clothes, toiletries and dishes into the RV. Hopefully we’ll get a little organizing done while we’re camped this week.
  • Tom spent all morning at an emergency trip to the dentist to put a temporary fix on a tooth that broke off last night. Thank goodness it wasn’t a day later!

Whew! That may look like a short list, but it makes me tired just reviewing it!

It feels really good to have all the furniture out, and the way things have been going we should have all the little items out by the 31st. We’ll have 5 days of fb and craigslist postings to get rid of the last of the artwork, decor and misc kitchen items and appliances which we’re consolidating into one room.

So the last three big hurdles to clear are:

  1. Sorting, packing or selling the rest of the DVD’s, CD’s…and yes we still have cassettes and VHS tapes to contend with. Boxes of them!IMG_6656
  2. Getting the office packed away. Things like tax returns we’ll keep in storage, but I need to have some type of file system we can take with us for things like insurance.Right now the “office” is a chaotic temporary set up in the empty dining room since we sold all the office furniture and file cabinets!The chaos after selling our office furniture!
  3. Pictures…..yes we still have the pictures (yours, mine and ours) to deal with. At this point I’m planning on putting them in several storage containers to sort through and scan after we move out. Maybe we can take one box at a time. This means taking the scanner – which there is no room for and I don’t know how to make the scanner work with the Mac – so we’ll have to figure that one out.

All in all, not too bad. Although our house is a current disaster zone. If you’re into Feng Shui, you’ll understand that all the chaotic chi energy the rooms in these pictures are giving off. I grew up with “a place for everything and everything in its place”, but right now, it’s “no place for anything and . . . where is that thing?”. It is definitely having an effect on us. I really need cleared countertops to feel good!

So we should get home next Monday and have a full(!) seven days to finish moving out of the house and into the motorhome.

Which, after this last hectic week sounds very doable, except that will be the week we need to make all our insurance/DMV/address changes and turn off our internet service with AT&T while figuring out how to keep our email addresses. and turn off utilities and figure out how to change over our mail box keys and all those other pesky moving tasks. But at lease I can sit down for those!

Oh, and that reminds me, we still have to move furniture to storage. So no rest for the wicked!

Happy Travels!

Peace & Love, Joy