Hard to believe that another month as full time travelers has gone by. So quickly!

Here are the stats for our second month on the road:

Miles Driven – 3,845 in RV and 1,598 in Jeep for a whopping 5,443 total miles. That averages over 180 miles a day! (but it also includes our marathon drive from Tuscon to Kingsburg in one day)

Different Campsite Stays – 15 – same as last month, but only 4 were free this month, so we’re over budget again! At least only one was in an RV park  – the rest were state parks which are so much nicer to stay at!IMG_9373.jpg

Number of Times Joy Bumped Head on Cupboards – not as many as last month!

Number of Times Tom has gotten shocked touching anything metal in our metal home – zero.

Number of Times Joy has gotten shocked touching same – countless! What’s up with that?!

Number of mosquito bites:  Tom – zero, Joy – too many to count. Life isn’t fair!

Number of fish caught – zero.

Number of campsites that were on the water or within walking distance to water – More than half! Water has certainly been a theme this past month.

Everything still feels like we’re on vacation. This travel month started out close to ex-home, so we really didn’t start traveling again until two weeks ago (after the wedding). Now we’re on a round trip to South Dakota (our chosen domicile state) before heading back to ex-home again – in three more weeks. So we are packing on the miles and staying very busy being tourists. Someone we were visiting with today suggested we make some down time and just stay put and do nothing. I’m not sure we know how to do that yet!

Days are spent traveling or exploring, and evenings are spent planning the next event or destination. I can see where we’ll have to slow down, but with our crazy schedule this year it just doesn’t seem possible yet. There is so much to see and we feel like we have to get as much in as possible between commitments. So with a five week window, we decided we’d take care of business and get our drivers licenses and vehicle registrations switched over.

Not a lot has changed from month one to month two. We haven’t gotten any wiser (except for me avoiding bumping my head) and we still have no regrets.

Someone asked today if we missed our house.Frame-09-06-2017-07-21-26.jpg The answer is no, not at all. I mean I enjoyed living there, but I’m enjoying living in our motorhome. Although I don’t think I would be enjoying it so much had we not taken the time to personalize it. Now it feels very much like home.

I have found myself thinking (in those dreamy pre-dawn moments before I’m aware of where we’ve spent the night) “Are we going home yet?” Then I remember this is permanent and I’m okay with that.

What I may be missing is that connection – to work, to family, to community. I’ve found myself calling family more and even reaching out to other full-timers we’ve met on the road just in case they’re in the area. It would be nice to meet up with familiar people.

Tom and I are still enjoying each other’s company (or maybe I should just speak for myself!), but without separate lives there’s not always a lot to talk about. No – how was your day, or what is so-and-so up to, because we are together 24/7.

So heaven help the bartender or tour guide or new arrival at camp that has some time to visit – we don’t like to stop!

Happy Travels!

Peace & Love, Joy