I am so excited to be moving sites tomorrow that I can t even sleep!

We have been at San Simeon Campground near Hearst Castle for a week now. The campground has been pretty deserted.  We stayed here last August and had a real great time. It’s an okay campground – the location is great and we’ve enjoyed our time here – well most of it. I came down with a cold when we got here and the days have been more dreary than sunny. The worst part is that we have very poor cell reception here. And when I need to work, that’s a problem.

So we’re going back to the campground where we stayed for a week for the wedding: North Beach Campground in Pismo Beach. We have a few more days until we have to be up north to babysit, so we figured we might as well enjoy the last bit of beach that we can.IMG_4717

Not only am I excited to be going back to Pismo, I was really sad when we left to come here (to San Simeon). Both of which are quite surprising to me. Because I’ve had a love-hate (now love again) relationship with Pismo Beach.

After moving to California from Hawaii when I was twelve, it took until my eighteenth birthday for me to visit the central coast – which was only two-and-a-half hours from home. All of my friends spent their vacations in Pismo and my boyfriend (and future first husband) went there a lot as well. So while we were dating, and after we married, that was our go-to weekend getaway and our vacation spot as well. I knew (and still know) many people who own homes there. My ex always wanted a vacation home there – and his brother recently bought one. Pismo IS the place to be for most of the people I know and I had many – many – good times in Pismo and the dunes back in the day.IMG_4853

As the years went on, and Pismo became our ONLY vacation spot, I began to complain. Why couldn’t we go somewhere new for a change? (My wanderlust was apparently kicking in.)

Pismo was also the go-to vacation spot for Tom and his ex. And it became (college daughter) Jessica’s favorite spot to go for vacation. So when she was out of school and Tom and I had a chance to go somewhere – well, we did get to the Grand Canyon once – but Jessica always opted for Pismo. And it was a short drive. But I began to resent it all over again.

Plus, the atmosphere of the town was changing. The dunes were getting ever more restrictive, and confined, and the “new” people that were coming didn’t seem to understand dune etiquette. Tom and I  never went to the dunes when we visited anymore even though we had the Jeep and the RZR.  It just wasn’t fun for me anymore.

Fast forward to now. We’re on permanent vacation anywhere we want to go, so my wanderlust is definitely getting satisfied!

So going to Pismo is not even about going riding in the dunes any longer. It’s about enjoying the beach town on the pacific ocean. Just like all the other beach towns we’ve been in this past month or two. And now I LIKE Pismo Beach. Go figure! There are miles of beaches to walk on – like there always was, the same good restaurants that have always been there, yet the vibe is decidedly different.

One of our friends that lives there said he thinks the central coast (and Pismo in particular)  is trying to appeal to a more international visitor. Which makes sense. It’s not as congested or as expensive (yet) as Northern or Southern California beach towns.

They are putting up new large hotels downtown. They are refurbishing the pier. They are turning Mobile Home and RV parks into “resorts”. And they are keeping it clean. And all that makes a difference.

So yes, I am excited to get back to that area of the central coast, now called Pismo Beach. Or as our Echo device says, “Peezmo Beach”.

sunset at pismo beach

Thank you for reading and following along on our adventure with us.

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy