Where have we been?! Well, we haven’t been doing much traveling or exploring lately, because we’ve been extra busy taking care of our grandson, Casen.

Parenting is exhausting!

We had an absolutely wonderful time staying at my daughter’s house. First for a few days while they were there, then home alone with their dogs and their baby for a whole week! A week of bottles and diapers and feeding and playing and waking up throughout the night (because of the dogs not the baby). There seemed to be no time to fit anything other than baby care in our schedule. Which was fine by us!

We made a total of three outings while we were there: two field trips to the park to swing and crawl on stuff and watch skater boys.

And one day we went to Costco. Which was actually quite fun. Especially since Casen was game for trying every food sample they passed out. I think he grew a size while his parents were gone – he seemed to be a bottomless pit. So we had a grand time offering him anything we could think of in addition to his baby food. Grapes were by far his favorite!

Each night, after we got him to bed and picked up all the toys strewn about, we were too exhausted to do anything but zone out in front of their cable TV.

But the parents are home from Hawaii now, and we made a hasty exit because we have plans to meet up with a group at the desert. So we are on the road again for a five hour plus drive.

Towing Rzr, stuck in traffic 

I will be making over half that on my own: We are stopping to pick up the side-by-side (Rzr) to tow behind the motorhome, but we want the Jeep with us as well, so I’ll be driving it.

Usually, leaving the Pacific Ocean to “go home” is a sad day, but when we left there over a week ago we were ready. Over-ready to see the grandson again, but just ready for some new scenery. The central coast I’m sure has more to offer than we know about, but rather than explore the area, we stuck to our tried and true hang out spots, and got to spend some great time with friends there.

We saw all the scarecrows in Cambria,

and went to a car show in Cayucos – where I was more interested in the dogs!

Halloween came and went with no candy or costumes in sight – which was fine by me. And now we’re nearing Thanksgiving, with no plans for eating turkey or gathering with family. Which is fine with me too. We’ll see the kids again before Christmas, and I’m ready to get back to our traveling ways.

So we’re off to meet a group in the desert near California City for one week, then we’ll move to the desert near Ridgecrest for another week with another group. No telling how long we’ll stay out on that BLM land.

We passed out seven month anniversary of hitting the road, and I don’t have any stats, but I know for the past couple of months our camping fees and fuel costs are WAY down. It’s been nice (and cost effective) to slow our pace, and the longer we stay out on BLM, the cheaper our cost of living is.

I just hope the weather cooperates!

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy

PS – the formal pics are in from the wedding – here is just one:IMG_4899