We may have been sad to leave our home place for the prior three weeks, but it felt really good to be on the move again. Especially since we had less than two hours to our next destination: Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort  in Aguanga in Southern California. We had heard such great things about this park, plus we know a few boomers that have make Jojoba their home base, and it was great to be able to see them again.

Because a lot of members come “home” for the holidays, the park was full, so we elected to stay in the dry camping area – at the bottom of the hill.

Jojoba Hills SKP park CA
The road going down from the hilltop lots down to the dry camping area.

There is a maximum stay of seven days for Escapees that are not members of this resort.

This was our second SKP Co-op to visit (the first one being Benson, AZ), so of course we were making comparisons the whole time we were there. My first impression upon checking in was that this co-op had a lot more rules (like the seven day limit). That impression continued throughout, but the park definitely lived up to it’s reputation of having great amenities.

There is a wonderful pool area and the views from there were awesome. IMG_9927IMG_9928The sites were nice and they had several lagoons which help control rain water. IMG_9933We had a great tour of the park from our friend, George, and his wife Diane is very involved in the park as well. It was also nice to meet up and visit with Georgia, and Joe and Dona Moody, who are recent “join-ees”.

It was also great weather and a pretty place to catch up on some fairy-related pictures and projects.

Because we had been in the desert for so long, I was anxious to get to some real stores to stock up on supplies. So our first full day there, we headed down the hill to Temecula and went to Costco. I still don’t know what I was thinking by going to a big box store two weeks before Christmas! The trip turned into a blessed disaster. Disaster because our Jeep “died” and blessed because we were close to civilization and it didn’t happen the week before when we were off-roading in the boonies.IMG_9929

We had to get a rental car for overnight, but luckily we found a good repair shop and they replaced the start button that was the cause of the problem. After picking up our car, we did a brief tour of downtown Temecula. It was a very cute shopping area, alas we have nothing to buy!  But I enjoyed window shopping as we strolled through the town.


The next day we planned a road trip along the coast. The absolute best thing about Jojoba Hills is its proximity to the Pacific – less than two hours away from San Diego!

We have never been to this area of the state, so in looking up things to do, “the oldest Peppertree in California” caught my attention. So our first stop was at the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside.

It turns out the famous tree is behind a fence, but we did enjoy touring the grounds and seeing the many other old Pepper trees (one of my long time favorites).


Then it was on to the ocean, and imagine my delight when we first spotted the big blue Pacific.

Quite a change from our desert scenery of the past months. We first stopped at the Pier in Oceanside and watched the birds and surfers before moving on.

There were Pelicans everywhere.
Tom can’t pass up looking at crystals and stones!

We were headed to Old Town San Diego and taking our time by driving along Highway 101. It was hard not to pull over at every seaside location, but we did take a break to play in the beach rocks.

Another stop on my list was La Jolla Cave. The town was crowded, and Tom didn’t enjoy all the traffic, but we found it and took a short stroll along the cliffs.


By taking our time, we arrived at Old Town later in the day and many of the shops and museums were closing, but we still got to enjoy the flavor of the area in its holiday decor.

One shop that was still open was the Old Town Model Train Depot.  We had an amazing time investigating the displays which were painstakingly decorated for the holidays. Tom correctly guessed that the theme was 1959 and they even had a Frankie Avalon movie playing at the drive in. 

I took some videos to send to our train-loving grandson.

Back at Jojoba and Temecula, we took care of important business – like getting our passports renewed for our trip to Mexico next month (we almost missed the fact they were expired!).

In addition to cleaning and visiting and touring, we attended the park’s Christmas Dinner and Dance – which got us into the holiday spirit.

Jojoba Hills SKP park CA
I honestly don’t miss decorating for the holidays, but it was nice that the volunteers at Jojoba did.

Our time there flew by, and now we’re heading back to the Central Valley to see the kids. While I would have enjoyed more time at the beaches, I’m definitely looking forward to family times.

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy