As I lay in bed this January 1st morning, waiting for our rig to warm up, I was thinking of family and friends and reflecting on New Years past. While I’ve never been one to make an actual list of New Year’s resolutions, I enjoy the idea of a brand new start and the time it affords to think about what happened in the past, and how you want it to differ in the future.

So, it’s a good time to set intentions for the coming year, and I tried to come up with a mental list. I realized that “Gain more money” and “Lose more weight” have been on my list since I was thirteen. Some things never change. Yet, while ever present thoughts, they are no longer on the top of my list. “Get caught up on blogging” seems to have toped my to-do’s list for some time now, although I certainly don’t let it get in the way of having fun! (Speaking of, the missing gaps between my last posted blog and this one will be filled in eventually.)

“Live life in the moment” seems to be the best goal overall. Easily said, but much harder to practice. Although now that we’ve been on the road, it seems a rule much easier to follow. So much so, that when someone starts talking about the future (like a week from now!) I have a hard time staying tuned in. So maybe my personal goal should be to get more involved in trip planning.

“Love more” is an oh-so-important goal for everyone on the planet. I hope that I’m getting better on that one as time goes on. While in a group recently, and witnessing behind-the-scenes bickering among disparate personalities, I’d like to believe it when I think that no one really bothers me; I love them all. I’m sure there are witnesses out there who have heard me say less than kind or judgmental comments about others, but I hope that I’m getting better with age (i.e.wisdom). Because I had an epiphany around 2001 that John Lennon was right: LOVE IS all there is.

“Worry less” is another universally good one and ties in well with living life in the moment. Although, according to Tom, I’ve practically mastered the “worry less” (like when the RV is experiencing a hiccup). I just know that Tom will take care of it. So maybe my goal should be to rely on Tom less and understand our home’s systems better (like how to play a DVD without help).

“Gain wisdom”. Along with loving more, gaining wisdom is one of the two things your life is measured by according to Tom. I love learning, but I think it may be true that wisdom comes with age. As I approach a new decade, I’d like to think that I’m getting better with age, but I have some work to do!  To me, true wisdom comes from the heart and not the head, so I try to practice discernment whenever I discover a new “educational documentary” on Youtube, which is one of my favorite pastimes lately. A recent conversation with our twelve-year-old granddaughter, Lexi, delighted both Tom and I when we learned she is thinking for herself and deciding what is true and what is not in this world of fake news and deception.

“Don’t be scared” is a saying I have heard from Tom countless times. Like when going inside a tight cave, or making a phone call I’m dreading, or taking a shot of whiskey. Tom is fearless, but he does worry at times which is kind of the same thing as being scared. We have witnessed a lot of scary talk this year, from various sources, who may or may not have a clue. And full time traveling brings its own set of worries. But whatever the future holds – from weather, to  politics, to finances, to travel plans – I hope to never live in fear. And, like love, I pass that hope on to the world.

“Enjoy life” seems to become more and more important. Especially with all the losses myself and others faced this past year. Life is short. And unpredictable. As we’ve been on the road, we’ve certainly been able to enjoy life more than ever before, but I can still get caught up in the woulda-coulda-shoulda’s rather than enjoying the splendor of our surroundings or being present with others. Which I guess brings me back to “Living Life in the Moment”, and at this precise moment, life is grand. Which will be explained in a future blog about our adventures.

Thanks for following along, and whatever your intentions are for 2019, I hope they all come true.

Peace & Love, Joy