Since meeting up with the Santanas again after the holidays, we are still traveling with them for the next month to come. We are all excited about going to the Xscapers Bash, but now we’re just waiting to arrive there at Lake Havasu. We really weren’t that far away being in California City, so we moved together to a casino in the Laughlin, Nevada / Bullhead City, Arizona area.

We were right by the Colorado river that separates the states, and our time kept changing each time we drove across, so it got a little confusing!

Tom’s gettin’ cozy with an old timer at a restaurant in Needles.

Then we moved on to Needles, California for a couple of days at an RV park where we got caught up on laundry and provisioning. It had been a while since we had full hookups, and it would be a long time until we had them again, so we took advantage and did some spring cleaning. It’s funny because we’re not the only ones;  as soon as we get plugged in, we turn on all the lights and plug in our electric heater. Make some advance meals in the instant pot or the oven (two things we need to turn on the generator to use when we’re not hooked up). And of course, take long, water wasting showers!

We did have one day of sightseeing while in Laughlin: Ray drove us up to Oatman, Arizona, an old mining town known for its wild donkeys that roam the streets there. As soon as we parked, there they were. Along with sacks of feed for sale.

Pam even got one to give her a donkey-style high five to get a treat. And there was a little one with a sticker on its forehead saying “don’t feed me”.Frame-24-03-2019-06-29-53IMG_0311

The town had old west charm, and some interesting shops and bars. They even have some famous ghost stories. The place bills itself as “The ghost town that refuses to die”.IMG_2204IMG_2199IMG_0310IMG_0280

One store was owned by a native-american, and we all enjoyed listening to his stories of his interesting past. He said people tell him he should write a book, and I wish people with interesting histories like that would write them down. But who has time, right?

We had some drinks at the Oatman Hotel. I have seen many bars with dollar bills tacked up on the ceiling, or even the walls, but I have never seen them spread around like this. They were even on the outside door. It was pretty amazing and we tried to speculate how much money was there. Banker Pam estimated at least a quarter million! We added to it, of course.

After drinks and before lunch we watched a two man bank robbery re-enactment in front of the hotel. Cheap entertainment!

The official sign for a group of Xscapers!

When we left the tiny touristy town of Oatman, we drove further up the road so Ray could re-visit Crazy Ray’s place.IMG_0325 They were supposed to have t-shirts made and Ray wanted to get one. Unfortunately, they did not, but we had a nice time visiting with the crazy owner and got some of his brittle. The drive up and down was real pretty, and we saw more donkeys that had made their way out of town!

Now we are on our way to Lake Havasu. For the past three years, we have attended the annual January convergence of Xscapers in “the gathering place” of Quartzsite, Arizona. The event has grown so large that they had to move it up the road to Lake Havasu City. Which is fine with me because we’ll be taking over the rodeo fairgrounds and will have real buildings to meet in. Which is nice because of the rain expected.

I think I’ve mentioned before how excited we are to meet up with even more friends we have met along the way. I’m a little concerned with how big the event is and how many people and events are there. It’s a little overwhelming for me, but Tom will be in his element!

So until then, Happy Travels!

Peace & Love, Joy