After leaving the convergence and the partying behind, we settled into a couple of days of some much needed R&R. Especially since I got a cold at the end of the Mexican trip and Tom caught it as soon as we were back in the USA. Time to slow down.IMG_0816

We had planned to go back to Quartzsite to meet up with our friends that didn’t go to Mexico, but first we spent a couple of nights outside Yuma on BLM land.

We were there because we were intending to go back into Mexico at Los Algodones to get some dental maintenance done. Which we did.

While camped there, we met another couple from the San Felipe Convergence. In a brief visit we told them where we were headed and they asked “Are you going to the surprise birthday party?” and I said “No,” thinking  of course not.  We hadn’t heard of anything and we wouldn’t know the same people they know anyhow.

Also while there, our friends sent us a photo showing them with other mutual friends in Quartzsite and said “Look who we ran into at Beer Belly’s!” (bar in Q) and I thought, oh good, there will be even more people we know when we meet up.

When we pulled into the designated site (mile marker 99) I was pleased (but not surprised) that there were so many people there that we knew, including our new Canadian friends that we met in San Felipe.

After hugs all around, I returned home to get some work in before we would meet them again for an early happy hour. While at my desk, I saw a red balloon float by. Odd, I thought. Surely it had nothing to do with my birthday the next day. Of course not, I thought.

Later, we took our chairs out to happy hour. So nice to have such a great group of friends gathered – by happy accident – I thought. Then my two good friends Patsi and Pam said we all had to go over to Patsi’s rig to see something strange they found. That is when I first became suspicious.

Yep, they got me. SURPRISE! They had balloons and cake and great food set out. It was such a wonderful feeling to have friends go to all that trouble. I SO appreciated it. And yes, Tom sneaked it right by me – although he thought they were caught when that couple asked if we were going to a surprise party in Q. But I was clueless. And ever so grateful and honored.

The group quickly dispersed – everyone going in different directions – until it was down to the Santanas, and Mark & Patsi, and us.

We had a great time hiking to Palm Canyon at the Kofa Wildlife Refuge.
labrynth vibrations
We also stopped to walk the labyrinth and saw some amazing skies.

The weather was cold and windy, but it seemed to be the best around. The Santanas left to Benson, AZ where they got several inches of snow. We decided to stay put until the weather got better.

Plenty of room at the warmest spot in Arizona.

The big tent show was over, but the vendors were mostly all still there. With our friends Mark & Patsi, We poked around some shops, had some pizza in town, and did some hiking. We hiked up to the Q hill and got a view of the town.


It was a steep and rocky descent, but the weather was warm and beautiful.

We all drove down to Los Algadones again for the day and Patsi and I got haircuts. When it was time to leave, the line to cross back across the border was about four hours long! IMG_0867We couldn’t believe it – we’d be getting home around eleven pm. Patsi and I talked a guy in the car line to give us a ride across. That worked out well!

One day we all took a drive along the Colorado River and hiked around a the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge where we saw a lot of birds, but didn’t spot any owls.

It was a beautiful “picture day” and the river reflected the awesome skies.

Some nights were spent around the campfire, and when it was too cold we retreated inside and played games – like Stix and Yatzee and Pegs & Jokers.IMG_2394

Just a fun and relaxing couple of weeks. We all spent a lot of time planning where we were going to travel to next. Tom and  I have upcoming commitments  in Phoenix and Tuscon, but after that we have no plans until our next convergence in Moab in March. Mark and Patsi have commitments to get to in Iowa and South Dakota. I was hoping we could travel together, but we couldn’t make it work. So we finally had to part ways.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I just have to say again how surprised I am that we have such great friends while traveling full time. I still can’t believe they gave me a birthday party in the middle of the desert!

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy