After the airstrip we were camped at for the convergence opened to the general public, we were still allowed to stay for 14 more days, so we took advantage of it, making our stay there three whole weeks. Another record-breaker.

After the event was officially over, and those that had to leave did, the rest of us grouped up a bit, which gave us a chance to drive into town for a dump and fill (empty black tanks and add fresh water). This also gave us new neighbors which was fun.

On Sunday the Status Crows did a concert at the Blue Pig Blues Bar in town, so of course we went to listen. That was fun.IMG_2443

On Monday a group of about ten of us went kayaking on the Colorado River. A couple of guys had done the trip the day before and said it was great – just floating along with the current. One of them was our leader for the trip and arranged for a drop off and pick up about five miles downriver.

Getting ready at our launching point.

It started out great and we were all getting our rhythms.

Then the weather turned against us. Literally. We were fighting a strong headwind that was whipping up waves that got me wet and scared! It was decided that we would radio in an “abort, abort”.

Of course I couldn’t take a picture during the worst part – around the bend up on the left – because I was too busy paddling!

The problem became where to get out. So we paddled upstream a bit – the wind had changed and now we were fighting current and headwind!

We found a rocky point down a cliff from the road and had to all work together to form a chain to haul the kayaks up. And the mud was intense!

But it was awesome teamwork and we all worked together to haul the kayaks up the steep slope. Then we had to haul them down the road to where our pickup man was waiting.

What an adventure!

On Tuesday (early-thirty) morning, Tom drove me to the airport in Grand Junction, CO, almost two hours away, so I could fly back to California to see my daughter and her family.IMG_2570

I spent the next 8 days with the grandson. Watched him hunt Easter eggs, took him to the park, went with the family to the Zoo, and generally enjoyed the heck out of the visit.

We also got to go “hiking” around in the family farm ground.

Tom spent the week hiking, visiting, and watching spectacular sunsets and moon-rises.IMG_3242IMG_3213

Tom did the group hike to Fiery Furnace in Arches National Park that he had signed up for last week.


Then he did the difficult seven mile Primitive Trail hike at Devils Garden  hike – by himself – again at Arches National Park.

I still hadn’t been there (to Arches) , so we went the day after I got home. I caught a cold in California, so I still wasn’t feeling well, but we had an awesome drive and some short hikes.

On one hike we witnessed the generosity of spirit that travelers have as everyone banded together to carry down a woman who had hurt her ankle. It’s always nice to see the good in people.IMG_2609

Then it was time to leave the airstrip. But on the last morning, they had hot air ballon rides by a couple in the group that travels with their balloon.

The weather only allowed for tethered rides, and we ran out of time/good wind before I could get a ride, but I had a great time “crewing” and helping the kids in and out of the basket.

Now we are heading east to Colorado. Our plan is to stay in the 4-corners area (Utah, Colorado, Arizona and NewMexico) for the next couple of months. We are intentionally putting on less miles than last year!

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy