Xscapers are mostly full-time, mostly still-working RVers. An Xscapers Convergence is a gathering lasting a week or more and ranges in size (number of rigs/people). It is planned and hosted by paid staff (JP) who finds us a place to park and lines up fun stuff to do all week. So that’s what we’ve been doing: Having fun!

Here is someone’s drone shot of the abandoned airstrip that we took over. (sorry for no credits)

This convergence is much bigger than the one at San Felipe but each time we meet up, I’m knowing more people and feeling more comfortable. And there are always new people to meet. In other words it’s all about being social, so Tom is in his element!

On Saturday there was a Jeep trip – the perfect thing to do in Moab, since we were there a week before “Jeep Week”  which is like a smaller version of Sturgis bike week – only for 4-wheelers.

We were able to pick a trail based on descriptions, so we lined up for one rated a 2 (out of 5) – since we no longer have the Rubicon. It was a great trip, but if that was a 2, I’d hate to see a 5!

There were places where spotters got out to guide the drivers over the rocks (Which made for some good entertainment). We drove across a scary ridge, and down a slick rock. We encountered rain and had to cross a flash flooded stream. It was completely fun, especially since we had fun passengers!IMG_2218

The weather changed throughout the trip and at one point, we even got hit with hail!:

Mostly, it was absolutely beautiful. Iconic scenery in every direction and the passing storm made the skies even more interesting. 

IMG_2206IMG_3051We stopped on the top of a large rock to have lunch and take a group photo.IMG_3081

And we stopped at a rock with a ladder to climb up and got another awesome view.

It was an all day event and a group of us stopped in town to eat and swap stories before we headed home.IMG_3080

The next day was a group hike into a Grandstaff Canyon under an arch where we got to watch some rock climbers repel.IMG_3100

Again the scenery was spectacular, and it was fun to get to visit with different people as we scrambled over rocks and zig-zagged across the stream.

That afternoon we all met up in the big tent to enjoy a concert by Michelle and Chuck of the Status Crows – which was way too much fun!

Moab ConvergenceMoab Convergence

The weekdays at convergences don’t have activities planned so the working people don’t miss out. But there were a lot of us there that didn’t have to work so we went with a group went on another off road driving trip in Canyonlands National Park. We drove up to the visitors center, then down, down, down a narrow dirt road all the way to the bright blue lagoons of the Potash mines that were at the bottom.IMG_2279

That evening, we returned to the top of the canyon for a sunset happy hour at Dead Horse Point and could look down to see where we had driven earlier.IMG_2331

There was also a group of photography students there taking sunset pictures and it was cool to see the colors change as the sun went down.

On Tuesday our whole group took over a local bowling alley/pizza place/karaoke bar.  They knew we were coming, but I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for how much this group can eat and drink! We didn’t bowl, but enjoyed watching the bowlers, the singers, and those brave enough to ride the bull.

Wednesday we got snow! It was a nice day to spend inside with the heater, and I enjoyed getting some writing work done.

That evening was game night in the big tent, but I stayed in while Tom had fun playing group trivia.IMG_2429

The day after it snowed we got to enjoy views of the surrounding hills in their blankets of white.

The next day I was still fighting with formatting on my computer, so I stayed home while Tom drove into Arches National Park for the first time. He will be going on a hike next week and they limit the amount of people, so you have to sign up for it in advance. So he did.

Next week I will be flying to California to spend time with my daughter and grandson, so i spent a lot of time trying to get things tied up before leaving. This kept me from being out and about socializing, but it didn’t stop Tom! It’s nice that there are people for Tom to visit with when I’m focused on a project so I don’t feel like I’m ignoring him – and it’s easier to focus when I have the house to myself!

The convergence was officially over on Friday, so Thursday night we did a cleanup of the runway and had a group grill-out. It was so much fun to spend time with our old friends and get to know new ones and I’ll miss the people that have to leave now.

Because the airstrip is now open for the general public to camp, we’ll be taking advantage of this boon-docking spot and will be staying the next fourteen days that are allowed. It worked out well that Tom will be staying with people while I’m gone.

Happy Travels.

Peace & Love, Joy