We have been going to Quartzsite Arizona every January since 2013. Way before we had an inkling that we’d be traveling full time in an RV. Well before we knew it was known as “the gathering place”. Before we knew that two million people a year converge at this “boondocking mecca”. Before I’d ever heard the word “boondocking”. Before we knew anything about The Big Tent Show.  We only knew of Quartzsite as a good place to buy rocks.

So we started going there to buy rocks, stones, and crystals to resale in our store. I remember our first visit as we drove over the hill from Blythe and saw the sea of white RV tops spread out below. We only knew about Desert Gardens, and once there found out about Tyson Wells, the largest of the flea market style shopping places. We just happened to be there on the last day of the big tent show, and didn’t even realize it was a trade show geared towards RVers.

My, how things have changed! Now we look forward to  The Big Tent show every year. Mostly we look forward to meeting up with people as we have for the past four years. Our first year there in our RV, we didn’t know about groups. Sure, plenty of people camp in RV parks, or out by themselves, but there are group gatherings for just about anything: Nudists, Ham Radio Operators, Jeep clubs. There is a group gathering for just about every type of RV manufacturer: Alpines, Newmars, Montanas.

In our second year going there in the RV we didn’t even know which group to meet up with. We looked into going to Boomerville, or camping with the Kountry Klub (because we have a Kountry Star RV). Then Tom found out about the first Xscapers convergence (now known as the Annual Bash), and that sounded more our speed. We were still working full time, so we were only there for the second week.

After our second year with the Xscapers, we wanted to try something else, so for our third year we went to Boomerville to meet the Boomer group (of Escapees) and then after that we caught up with the Xscapers on their second week. This year (our fourth) we reversed it and started with Xscapers and then back to Boomerville. Which is a long explanation of where we are now. At a big area off of Plomosa road just North of town. And I don’t have a single picture of it to share!

Unlike Xscapers, the Boomers have events or talks going on all day long. I only went to a couple, and there were a lot of new faces, but I was a little burned out on socializing. It was easier and more comfortable to hang out with the same group that came here from the Bash. IMG_0542

Playing Cards Against Humanity by lantern light: Sue, Bill, Pam, Mark & Patsi.

Yes, we spent some money at the Big Tent again. We upgraded our tire pressure monitoring device and added to our collapsable “tupperware” set.

We met with friends Mark & Patsi and had some drinks at Beer Belly’s – another tradition!

And we poked around the swap meets just for fun.

One day we stalked our YouTube “friends” Paul and Lorena of The Motorhome Experiment who have their own group at Quartzsite, where we met them last year. We interrupted them working on a solar project, but had a nice short visit and found our they’re traveling down to Baja next.

One night I observed the lunar eclipse, albeit little glimpses at a time. I walked out to the group campfire, where I heard familiar voices, but it was too dark to see them.  It was pretty chilly, and the full eclipse takes a while, so I went back to the trailer and bundled up to go outside and look up every so often. I’m glad I stayed up until the end – it was pretty cool to see. 

We did some laundry and I got some work done, but mostly we layed low. We left our group of friends in Quartzsite and headed to Yuma, where we spent a couple of solitary days by Lake Mittry. It wasn’t too sad a departure, because we’ll be seeing most of them again soon.

There is camping around the lake, but we didn’t stay there.
We stayed on a hill before the lake with a friendly group of Canadians.

We’re just taking a breather before gearing up for our next social event: Traveling to San Felipe Mexico with the Xscapers.

Happy Travels,

Peace & Love, Joy